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By Alex Orton on

Well that was a blur…

Our 2020 Boxing Day went off and our loyal supporters definitely turned up.

In the days leading up to the mayhem, the team was questioning the likely turnout with the general unease of covid-19 still lingering throughout retail.

However much to our surprise, at 4am the line was born and supporters of the ICHPIG® Brand started flooding in minute by minute until the eventual 9am open.

Now that the dust has settled, we’d like to take this opportunity to not only thank everyone that came through on the day, but also all the loyal interstate and international supporters of this brand that copped online. (There’s a lot of you, see the last slide!)

Whether our Boxing Day event was your first ICHPIG® purchase or you’re currently on eBay bidding on a clothes rack for the overflow garms, we appreciate your support equally.

The ICHPIG® Team wishes you all a safe and happy new year and we look forward to another year of relentless progression.

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