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We never thought hand sewing custom hoodies in our mum’s garage would spark a decade long pursuit of Australian design and manufacturing.

As this brand moves into its 14th year, from a tiny diy garage workshop to our double story Brunswick HQ, now more than ever we’re ready for the next step in our evolution. Driven by our independent mindset and relentless progression, our one hunger.

We treat every day as day 0, always hungry and forever in the mud.

As our italic green Strike logo suggests, we’re always on the move, forward and up. Green means go.

Trust us the best is yet to come and we’re excited to share this brand's future to you all, our team, our community, and our new & existing partners.

However, what got us here, won’t get us to where we’re heading…

Once again we find ourselves in the exact same position as all those years ago, wanting to design and manufacture clothing ourselves that didn’t exist anywhere else, led by dreams not boundaries.

We’ve worked tirelessly since the brand's inception, not just alongside our Australian manufacturers and suppliers but also helping to grow the local industry at large.

We quickly filled a garage with Australian Made products, then a factory, and now a warehouse.

For a little while now we’ve had to hide products in our sketch books, store them in secret folders on our computers, and tuck samples away in the pattern room, waiting for the day we could actually manufacture them.

Well that day is here - Day 1

Australian manufacturing is such an integral part of this brand and has allowed us to create products we never imagined possible, here in our own backyard.

We’re excited to announce that in addition to our Australian Made Heritage Programs, we’re now expanding our manufacturing network globally, so we can unearth 14 years worth of stashed away designs.

Essentially 14 years of pipe dreams.

Over the coming months we’ll be launching new products under our Global Programs, that together with our Australian Made products, will continue to evolve and expand this brand.

We couldn’t think of a better way to distinguish these new products than through colour, in particular using our signature green.

If you cop a piece from our Australian Made Heritage Program with a Green Label inside, know that you’ve got your hands on the very best Australian Made products, that we’ve spent decades refining and perfecting.

Whereas if your next piece has a White Label inside, then you’re one of the first people to own an ICHPIG® product from our latest Global Program.

Whether you just copped your first Strike Logo or still have one of our early balaclava hoodies, this is without a doubt the most exciting time for our brand and we can’t wait to share what our Team has cooked up for you… our community.

ICHPIG® | One Hunger

Words by Alex & Nate

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