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Introducing our Hood Camo

By Jerry Swinefeld on

Creating camo.... Go try it. It's fucking hard. The rules, the shapes, the colours, the balance, it's all a nightmare. Then try and make it distinctively your own, almost impossible. Believe it or not we have been trying to figure it out for about 4 years now. So many design meetings, so many "let's just leave it for now". Staying true to what Ichpig represents we persisted, never relenting until we reached the goal, which undoubtedly will evolve further ;).

Finally, we get to reveal our dream, the Hood Camo by Ichpig. Releasing here at 5pm AEST is the the first iteration of this passion project on our infamous Ichpig tee block. We hope you all enjoy and invest into the release as much as we have. Literally our thoughts, aspirations and dreams have been poured into these 3 sets of layered shapes. Much love and always BACK YOUR HOOD.

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