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The Hi-Line SERIES By Ichpig

By Jerry Swinefeld on

Little do people know, Aj, the general manager of Ichpig actually started as a customer/close friend of the brand. I will never forget how it happened. We had Snkr Frkr and we were super short staffed, with just Alex and I working. For some reason Aj was there and he just said do you need a hand, fair to say he killed it and we were super impressed! The following Monday we said "Hey we are getting kind of busier now do you want to do a little work in the store and warehouse". That phrase was probably 4 years ago now hahaha.

It still gets me everyday that Ichpig is able to provide employment to one of our close friends. Because of the community, because of the garms and most of all because of our relentless progression he gets to come to an environment everyday where he is proud to be! The Hi-Line SERIES, yes is fresh, but what makes it special is that it was something Aj really pushed and hounded us to produce. Again that's epic to be able to make things that our staff really believe in and thus never have an opportunity to be a part of something like Ichpig.

So here is Aj, sporting his favourite colour Hi-Line Ls Tee, the colour and garment he had been pushing us for, for sooooo long and all because of the relentless progression, a dream comes true! 

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