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Another Piece of the dream.... Day 1

By Jerry Swinefeld on

It's no secret that having our own indoor skatepark has been a the top of our wish list for a very long time. It's one of the main reasons why we moved to the new location in Brunswick. Yes the new drops of Vintage '13 Bog Logo Tees and Neo-Elite Hoods have been fresh as always but this year we truly want to show the world what a relentless progression fuelled by hunger is able to achieve! One of the new functions we have built for this year is our Pre-Release chat messenger. Just simply click here, follow the prompts and never miss a drop again!!!! We are so very humbled by all the support we have received thus far and are thankful for everyday we get to continue living our dream with you all! Below are some images from Day 1 of the skatepark build, it's safe to say it's been gags. Enjoy, Jez


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