Behind the mindset with Jerry Swinefeld

In early October, right around my 31st brithday, I was approached by VCE students Dylan Walsh and Simon Agosta with the idea of making a clip that took a look behind curtain of the happenings at Ichpig. The brief was very loose and the direction not entirely clear. I wanted to hand the boys an opportunity that I remember so desperately wanting at their young ages. I craved the ability to grow, progress and just dive into the deep end at their age but rarely was I ever taken seriously or given a shot.

The goal of the clip was to explain and tell some of goals/challenges that surround my existence at the brand. Funded by the Melbourne made clothes, themes of giving back and turning the brand into a community that allows opportunities to be offered are expanded on through out this mini doco. Ichpig is more than just a streetwear brand it's a way of life, thinking and outlook, which has both its challenges and aspirations. Anyways stoked on the clip and props to the boys for capturing so much raw thought. Enjoy! 

Much love 
Jez xoxo