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By Jerry Swinefeld on

We're back for another week at The Pen, this week didn't pack as much of a punch as last, but it was still hectic... We shot our polar full kits on Baz, followed Alex to the Makers and gave the office a spruce up. Then there's the usual antics and just hanging around.

To start the week off we followed Alex to our Manufacturers, here in Melbourne.

Our 10th Aniversary Bally Embroidery.

Alex with the boss.

The stock is then loaded up and taken to the printers to be... printed.

The old faithful IP Van.

Alex and Josh talking numbers.

Part of the new office setup, Jessy (Tre's Mum) and Alex bought new plants and gave the place a makeover, which looks sensational. Jasp put his own touch with this travis bickle number.

Long view of the office. Alex and Theo talking moving imagery.

Christian loves his new plant friend.

Nate puts a board together ft new plant.

J. Newman

"The Boy In The Pig Pen"

Oil on Canvas

c 1880.


Christian trying on some XS jeans "Would hate to be an emo m8"

Toggle hoods got restocked.

Blurry Boys.


Aj and Hugo making sure all your orders are packed with love.

Blurry Boys 2.

Red Guy.

"ahhhhh shit" - Kobe.

Hugo tagging the new hats...

The postie came of course.

Baz came in to shoot our Polar Full Kits.

SS'2021 shorts.

Jerry, Pondering.

Christian eating the best sausage roll in Melbourne.

Jasp, product testing the new eco-friendly garment bags. "It smells like vindaloo"

Iso gym setup looking healthy.

 New design coming soon...

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