BEHIND THE SCENES 006 - Iso Diaries

We're back after our 4-week self-imposed film lockdown, I wish I could say heaps has changed but given the closure of Manufacturers, our frantic pace has had the brakes pumped a bit. None the less we've still been releasing weekly drops of Melbourne Made garments. We also gained a new member in the team with Jimmy joining The Pen, released our Signature Crews, gave the office another re-gig, planned our summer releases and then there's the usual dogs & hanging out.

Always gotta start with Tracey.ICHPIG®

The new man on campus, Jimmy Barbz!ICHPIG®

Jasp deep in the Photoshop Matrix.ICHPIG®

Mr Max made a brief cameo after being home with a sore eye for a few weeks.ICHPIG®

Best smile in the office -  KobeKilla.ICHPIG®

ICHPIG® rugs heading out.ICHPIG®

Horns up dude, hell yeah.ICHPIG®

Strawberry culture.ICHPIG®

Big dogs discussing colourways for our Sprinters Logo.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

We shot our Signature Crews on Kobe.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

Barbell Club, Check the full run of images here.ICHPIG®

Alex coming through.ICHPIG®

IPTV viewing party.ICHPIG®

The Prince.ICHPIG®

Alex & Christian discussing the upcoming Barbell Club design.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®



Hugo on the customer service.ICHPIG®

New hats inbound.ICHPIG®

New office chairs being assembled.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

Barbell Club design.ICHPIG®

Aj making a rare appearance in the office.ICHPIG®

Theo & Tre.ICHPIG®

Always getting reps in.ICHPIG®

New and updated staircase.ICHPIG®


Dollar Dollar Billz Y'all...ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

Ipad Design.ICHPIG®

Light leaks are cool too, shoutouts Aj for opening the camera trying to turn it on 😂ICHPIG®

Another IPTV Viewing party.ICHPIG®

Happy boys.