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By Jerry Swinefeld on

We've had another full on week here at The Pen. Last Friday we had our end of month drinks, you can see the boys swerve the range en route. Unfortunately we can't legally post the actual photos on the internet or anywhere really. Previous to our last post AJ & Huges installed the majority of our new racking system, its mighty impressive.

We shot our new Painters Hoods & Heritage Pro Tees on the homie J1m. We also had 300 decks delivered fresh from the press, keep your eyes peeled as they'll slowly be dropping over the next few weeks. Then theres some sneaky BTS of production and a mini photoshoot with yours truely & JimBoJonEz.

En route to the PUB.

J1m came by to shoot..

Huges killing it.

We got a new thing...

New racks assembled.

New toggle system coming AW'21.

Blurry officeboys v10 

New photoshoot....

The one and only JimBoJonEz...

Production meeting...

New decks hit at the end of the week!

Deck lord....

Nice Deck.

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