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By Jerry Swinefeld on

We're back for what probably will be the last BTS of The Pen for the next 6 weeks... Due to Melbournes new stage 4 lockdowns we able to stay running, unfortunately our friends over at Halide have to shut (where we get the film developed -  shoutouts Halide)

This week we followed Alex to the makers and printers again for what could be the last of our pickups. J1m stops by again for a chat about an upcoming colab, as well as to shoot our new Ivory Full-Kit. Then there's the usual stock coming in, the boys hanging out and the dogs going crazy...

 Alex arrives at the makers.ICHPIG®

Panels for our Ivory Anorak.ICHPIG®

One of the best parts of manufacturing locally, is the ability to quality control regularly. ICHPIG®

Panels for our Syracuse CrewICHPIG®

You can see the fabric roll used in our Peach Anoraks here. We are 100% Cut-and-Sewn here in Melbourne.ICHPIG®

Panels are then loaded up to take to the printers.ICHPIG®


Panels going into the printers.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4F2zQYoCds

Josh printing our face masks by hand.ICHPIG®


Lotsa colours.ICHPIG®

Adjusting units...ICHPIG®

Stock loaded up bound for The Pen.ICHPIG®


Jasper barcoding the newly arrived stock.ICHPIG®

Hugo-Hugo shipping said stock.ICHPIG®


Christian and Tracey.ICHPIG®

Alex getting toggles ready to be dyed.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

Jerry and Christian chat about an upcoming design - Tracey making sure everyones behaving.ICHPIG®

Tex being... TexICHPIG®

All smiles for Jez.ICHPIG®

Dispatch table is always in full swing.ICHPIG®

Jasp bagging up our Reversible Scarves. F-f-flick of the wrist.ICHPIG®

The power of the force is strong with you...ICHPIG®

It's boring.. But someones gotta do it. Onya JaspICHPIG®

Christian tried to (unsuccessfully) test the strength of the new wall fixture, Alex seen here doing some running repairsICHPIG®ICHPIG®

Jasp attempts to put our new K-Mart trolleys together, a noble effort.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

Future/Past designs on Christians desk.ICHPIG®

Christian - the intellectual.ICHPIG®

Alex - watching all this unfold.ICHPIG®

Later in the week our good friend J1m dropped by to chat to Alex about an upcoming Tee colab.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

We also got to shot our Ivory Full-Kits.ICHPIG®ICHPIG®

I'm beginning to think I just follow Jasp around all day...ICHPIG®


Christians shows me how he really feels...ICHPIG®

The least of Alex's worries for the next 6 weeks is lock down... #pray4AlexICHPIG®

New marble table.ICHPIG® Table



That's all for this week! (and probably the next few). Remember to stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands and most importantly check in on your mates!

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