Look, we all know Boxing Day can be one of those days we all get a bit triggered and feel like we're buying more than what we actually need….

For us it means something a little different these days. For years now we've been working towards minimising our production by focusing on the many garments that our industry usually discards.

With much of our production still done by hand right here in Australia, the possibility of human error can sometimes be unavoidable and find its way onto a finished garment. Whilst imperfections are generally minor, an embroidery can be lower than spec, or a small stain can find its way from the sewing machine to the fabric, we never feel comfortable including these pieces in our releases, especially not at full price...

This Boxing Day, Tuesday the 26th of December, we will be loading our racks with multiple years worth of factory 2nds, production samples, and vintage staff pieces. Many of the garments are one of one’s with a wide variety of sizes available, some of which are extremely rare.

Samples and 2nds Price List:
Singlets =  $55 $15
Headwear = $70 $20
Tees & LS Tees = $70 $35
Crews = $140 $65
Shorts = $110 $50
Pants = $140 $70
1/4 Zips = $170 $80
Hoods = $170 $100
Jackets =$340 $150
First Come, First Served.
Tuesday the 26th of December
9am - 3pm at our ICHPIG® Brunswick HQ
121A Donald Street, Brunswick 3056
For more information about what is available online for Boxing Day click here