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Kanpai Skateboarding Premiere

By Nathan Orton on

I have stated many times in the past, I love how as ICHPIG® grows, it’s able to support crew contributing to various culture & build relationships within the community. Without prejudice no matter someone’s religion, sexuality or ethnicity, all at ICHPIG® just want to support homies doing progressive things.

Our hosting of the skateboard premier “Kanpia”, edited by Kei Hoshino, featuring Kei himself, Yuta Tanaka, Barry Mansfield, Phillip Marshall and Haru is 100% the type of event we love supporting. It’s epic being able to offer the factory space up, and it’s something we will continue to do, which is all possible because of 10+ years of support from you, our loyal community.

The night was a rollicking success with plenty of Young Henrys flowing. ICHPIG®/DC Team rider Yuta taking out the last part and a heap of other hammers thrown in the vid. Thanks to all who attended. Swipe through the flicks below to see what went down.

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