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By Alex Orton on

King of The Court Carlton #3 kicks off later this month, rightfully titled 'The Third Dance.'

This year the young crew behind KOTCC enlisted the help of the ICHPIG® Team to sponsor the basketball event and co-design a run of tee shirts for the day.

You'll be able to purchase the tee shirts on the day but if you want to lock down your colour and size then there is a secret pre-order running for those in the know.

Suss the flicks below for event info and a look into the inspirations behind the tee shirt.

Other notable mentions for the day will be the basketball fanatics from Kickz 101, bringing their unmatched enthusiasm to all things street ball.

Follow @ICHPIG and @kingofthecourt.carlton for further updates and follow @airorton if you want to see a behind the scenes look into the making of the tee shirts.

King of the Court Carlton - White Marle Tee ShirtKing of the Court Carlton - Black Tee ShirtKing of the Court Carlton Basketball Event Flyer

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