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Sentinel 1/4 Zip Lookbook

By Jerry Swinefeld on

A lot of people don't realise but Alex and I are ball junkies, which lead us to meeting the Rippon boys years ago. Eamon, brother to Liam and Claude, is more than a familiar face down at the Prahran courts, as well as being the head honcho for the Prahran Summer Jam.

Eamon has been working closely with us on his next project taking the Prahran Summer Jam to literally new heights with a rooftop sports event coming to Melbourne in late January. We thought it would be fitting to get Eamon into our latest Sentinel 1/4 Zip Lookbook at the infamous Rathdowne Street outdoor courts in Carlton. 

These 1/4 Zips are the perfect approach to tran-seasonal layering for variable climates. They're constructed from the same heavy-weight fleecy as our hoodies for reliable warmth and comfort so simply zip up for the colder mornings and zip down to allow for some afternoon breeze.

This is a super limited edition release so suss the flicks below and hit the online store asap to cop yours.

If you want to keep up with Eamon's projects sling him a follow on ig @prahransummerjam

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