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Swinefeld S01E01

By Jerry Swinefeld on

It’s now 10 years that Ichpig has been running, it almost doesn’t seem real. To say from when we started to now is a blur, is the greatest understatement ever. When people ask me what did I do today, what’s been happening at Ichpig, often I will say “I can’t remember”. This is because of the breakneck speed we operate at, every day we’re getting through 10 tasks each. So to combat this and give you a better look into what really goes on here, head of content Felix has started documenting some of the daily events. All the images below are from his point and shoot film camera that has followed us around for the past week.

So to begin the week we decided to drop our all new ICHPIG® Anorak Hood - 20' Red, which you can see many of the boys franticly organising (except Tre and Tex). This intertwined with the design and planned construction of a new curved photo wall at our warehouse, which you can see myself pretending to know what I'm talking about with Felix’s chippy mate Damo. Like always it’s epic having the brand provide growth for the staff in their roles and also opportunities for others outside of it to do what they love.

For me personally it’s been a crazy couple of weeks with the adoption of rescue dog Texas, whom I am sure you have seen popping up on our socials. Unfortunately, he is currently sporting a cone, which he absolutely loathes because of nasty gash caused by a grooming accident.

This week also saw our much anticipated collab with Melbourne street artist Mayonaize, draw one step closer to reality with the completion of the complicated yardage print. We also did some more staff training with Jasper and Hugo instore, Aj’s daily love of peanut butter and banana sandwiches continued and they daily chase for homemade pizza perfection was well in force between Felix, Jasper and Christian. Check back in next week to find out what S01E02 brings.

Much love
Jez xoxo

Made in Melbourne

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