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Swinefeld S01E02

By Jerry Swinefeld on

Welcome back to Swinefeld S01E02 and what a week it was. Like I described last week, it’s funny how looking back on the last 7 days you forget so many moments that happened throughout the period. To start Monday Alex and I made the call to promote both Felix and Japer into new roles. It’s satisfying being able to give our staff new opportunities to grow, develop new skill sets and take on the challenge of managing. The newly formed dynamic duo found Felix mentoring Jasper on how to execute the website photography for our recently dropped Anorak Hood ’20 Plum, which has been added to our Anorak Hood ’20 range. Jasper quickly found the precision needed to photo our garments is not for the faint hearted, as the role has been refined throughout generations of Ichpig staff, originating from Alex. 

One thing that exaggerates Ichpig’s pace is the ability to make decisions and execute instantly. On Wednesday night I was having a chat with the gf about ways to thank Ichpig’s supporters for their… well support. After a few hours of brainstorming the conception of our 30% OFF Last Ofs Sale was complete. The next day Alex and I put our heads together and made it all happen (you can see me with a warm golden glow on my face as I stare into the computer portraying to be calm but being very NOT calm on the inside). It’s always sick to say thanks and we have been stoked with all the deals that we have been able to hook up.   

Then as Melbourne always does, the rains came and annihilated everything in its path. As you will see below our DIY Skatepark was included unfortunately. Aj and I had to pull the mops, buckets and brooms out to clean the mess that had been left for us. Ironically Alex had been working on our 2020 Outer Wear range all week and that day we had the opportunity to have what we call a “fit session” and my god the fits were on point. Some of you may be aware but Alex runs everything to do with Ichpig design and production, which is a massive load. We also make all samples in size large and base the fit off of how they wear on me, as I’m the fit model that we grade from. Looking forward to what next week brings with our Cherry Vanilla Art Exhibition Preorder, new stock and the growing number of dogs in the office.

Much love
Jez xoxo

Made in Melbourne

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