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By Jerry Swinefeld on

Well somehow things managed to escalate in the life of Ichpig and the globe as a whole. It’s unusual to start our weekly staff meeting with, “How’s everyone feeling about this virus,” but here are the times we are currently in. As a close knit team proactive communication and health are paramount, so on we pushed to what lay ahead.

It continues to amaze me how just by existing we forge new relationships, turn them into opportunities for others and then have all benefit. It was sick to meet Mitch, who randomly bought one of our tees through Fast Times and then have him in our Plum and Red Anorak shoot. Was also dope chilling with Moe, a skating friend of Ricky Glaser down from LA, who ripped the new Genesis ¼ Zip shoot a new one.

Amidst all the world’s financial turmoil, the last fortnight has been massive for new product development, which I am sure you can see from the snaps below. New Stadium Crews, finally a scarf, an all-new Explorer Series, the return of our Contrast Hoods and even some corded pants are all either here or on the horizon. One of the big advantages of being Melbourne made at the present time is in being able to still produce whilst the rest of the world is in lockdown facing this pandemic. Along with all the new prod, our month long DIY infinity photo wall saw the completion of construction, which is super exciting! The idea behind the project is to take our content game to even greater heights, through better equipment and space.

Signing of though, I want to say a big stay safe and stay calm to everyone. Panicking and negativity will not get us through these current times, so keep your composure! The government will not let us go hungry and there are other foods in this world than pasta. Most of all Ichpig will continue to bring you the freshest Melbourne made garments money can buy.  

Much Love
Jez xoxo

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