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Welcoming Linsey to the ICHPIG® Team

By Alex Orton on

We're proud to welcome Linsey to the ICHPIG® team.

Linsey has been an avid supporter of independent brands and chooses to shop local wherever possible. When she moved to Melbourne in 2016, her cousin Richard @trillegallyblind, introduced her to the ICHPIG® brand.

Lucky for Linsey, our right hand man AJ was good friends with Richard, so when AJ mentioned a potential position in the warehouse being available, Linsey jumped at the opportunity.

It's rewarding to know that what was once a garage space of friends and family sewing together their own hoodies, has now grown into an entire factory of design, production, retail, and ecommerce logistics, in turn providing sustainable opportunities for others.

Scroll through the flicks below to see what Linsey gets up to as Queen of Dispatch and all round factory favourite.

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