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Words from Mark - Saint Side Owner

By ICHPIG® Creative Team on

A massive thanks goes out to everyone that helped make Saturday possible. Shoutout to ON3 Studio for lining up four of Melbourne's best artists and musicians to perform on the day and to our food and drink sponsors Armanies Bakery, Pecks Road and Brick Lane for fuelling the afternoon.

Huge love to everyone that pulled up to the Neighbourhood and copped a piece of Melbourne made streetwear!

Mark from Saint Side summed the day up perfectly and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

"We can’t get over yesterday.

During Covid, @ichpig and ourselves talked more, and became more transparent, we realised it was a moment that sticking together during times of worry, checking in, was important.

"With my brother I fight my cousin, with my cousin I fight a stranger” is a saying I often revisit, and it summarises it well.

Born from connection, a year in the making to figure out how to do it, produce it, and then celebrate it deservingly.

Yesterday was a once in decade event. A duo of Melbourne brands, both born in the west, and paying homage in what we all know, the neighbourhood.  It was about time we did that collab, it was about time to spend it with everyone together."

- Mark, Saint Side


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