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Perth Pop-Up Store

By Jerry Swinefeld on

We've kept you on a tight rope holding out about the location of our next pop-up store but after Wednesday's post the secret is out. Perth is officially the next city we're flinging flaming garms to. This will be big fam! Not as big as Shaq bringing that ring down in '93 but easily bigger than Tyson chomping Holyfields' ear off. Big. Like real bigggggg. 

Not only are we bringing our entire online range but we've also decided to release our Winter '16 Drop 2, first at the new Perth pop-up store. Within Drop 2 you'll find a collaborative ICHPIG PERTH® Box Logo L/S Tee, limited to just 49 Pieces and available exclusively at the Perth pop-up store. Drop 2 also boasts un-released pants, jackets, tees, and a new 1/4 Zip garm that the team's froffin over.

Peep the un-released flicks so you can get early dibs on what pieces you're chasing and suss the deets below to make sure you're there early. 

What: Perth Pop-Up Store Opening Release of Winter '16, Drop 2.
Where: 324 Oxford Street, Leederville.
When: Saturday June 4th at 11am.


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